You Don’t Get It!

maxresdefaultIt’s been a bit since I have written anything. It’s been a busy year and I have had some projects around the house that needed some attention. I took the time and practiced my basic carpentry skills and got things finished. So here we go with some new content. It’s like riding a bike I think……we will see.

So what am I going to rant about this time? Well, I have not stopped going to work while working on my projects so I have had experiences to talk about. If you will listen……. or read……..or whatever.

One such occurrence was a response I had that made me realize that not everyone in our “profession” really gets it. There are some that have been in the business for many years and for some reason, haven’t learned anything. They have decided to be part of a department that doesn’t try to progress. Or the organization tries to progress but dip-shits inside the organization don’t want to change. It is an age old story that I have heard and been a part of many many times.59ead3f7e012c84a37c81025242d5483

So what is the issue? I think it’s a situation where the leaders and members of a department don’t have the fortitude to grab the reins of the organization and get it back on track. It also has a great deal to do with those same leaders and members not having the knowledge and skills to progress. They continue with the notion that they already know everything they need to know to handle all of the types of incidents they may come across AND that they “don’t need to do the things the city departments do” to be successful. That is the dumbest fucking thing I have ever heard.must2

First of all, you need to train and progress to stay relevant. If you sit on your assess and don’t learn anything new, you are destined for extinction. You will die out and no one will remember you for what you have done. They will remember you for being a stubborn asshole that wouldn’t shut his mouth and open his ears and minds to new ideas.  You are a cancer on your department. I know you probably think that you are the biggest and brightest star in your organization but I can assure you that in the back room conversations or during the meetings that you are not a part of, the people who work with you are trying to figure out how to get rid of you or they are buying squares in the death pool, trying to guess when you will die and finally stop burdening the department with your presence.  But I digress……

Secondly, the availability of resources to learn new things are now virtually endless. You can spend the entire day watching YouTube videos from some of the brightest minds in our business. There are a sizable number of websites that are overflowing with content for you benefit. It’s up to you to take advantage of the opportunities. But you don’t need that do you? You are the man. You have the knowledge. You have the coolest mustache in your tiny rural fire department. You are the man!!!!! Whatever……………

So if your are in a department that has a backwards looking, arrogant, skill deficient, wide mustachioed asshole, I hope that your are willing to stand up to them and call them out on the fake that they are.dumbff

If you happen to be that asshole, good luck having any legacy in the fire service other than your 3 years of experience from your 30 year career. Yes, I said service because that is the business we are in; to serve others. You are not doing that but not improving yourself or your department so maybe it’s time for you to leave. Or maybe you can be an adult and realize you are not who you think you are and get better. That is 100% up to you. Nobody is going to give you a pass and nobody can do it for you. Rant over!!!!!


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