As you can see by the title, things did not go well. As I sit here writing this, I am no longer a Fire Chief. I resigned my position and here’s why; you know that infection that I talked about last time? Well it got so deep this time that the City government was delirious. They started making decisions that made no sense. They bought in to straight out lies and ran with them. They planned meetings when I was not available to make decisions about the Division when I had no input. They believed the lies so I couldn’t continue to deal  with a group that  doesn’t know right from wrong or the truth from fiction.

Oh yeah, that vacation that I talked about? The nonsense made it as far as the island I was on. It ruined most of my vacation.

I know what you are saying; why did you keep in contact with your job while you were gone? It was vacation! A time to disconnect and relax! Why would you let them get to you in your island oasis? Because I knew that if I didn’t keep track, I would come back to a huge pile of disaster.  Aaaaaaaand I was right.

So I left the Division. I was nice enough to give them 2 weeks notice. I left and haven’t had any contact since. Except for the City Manager informing me of a new public records request. It seems that the idiots can’t let it go. That was the funny part. They used the local paper to do their dirty work. They hid behind walls and peered around while the paper asked the questions and made the public records requests. I have never seen bigger cowards.

I am discussed with what happened. I am still trying to wrap my mind around it. How could people be that vindictive? They had the fortitude to lie in open council sessions and people believed the lies. I guess that tells me what I was dealing with overall. The more I look at it, the more I start to realize that I was doomed from the start. I hate that it happened that way. It was ridiculous. You should have seen it.

But it’s over now. I am back to riding a rig in another City, far from the nonsense. in a department that functions well. I don’t have to be in charge of anything and it’s nice! I am going to stay out of management for a while.

My biggest dilemma now is to decide if I should keep the name of this blog the same. I mean, I’m not a combo Chief anymore. Should I continue to talk about stuff that a Chief should talk about? I  started on the path of explaining my 6R plan. I want that information to get out there but it is a system that was not tested thoroughly. We were seeing great gains in the Division despite the haters so I feel that it had some value. I still work in a combo department so maybe I will shift gears and make it more about that. We will see. I have more thinking to do.

I will talk about the second piece of the 6R plan the next time, RESPONSE. I don’t have it in me right now. Plus I need to make sure I remember what I wanted it all to mean anyway. Until then, I will have to work a lot to keep the bills paid.

It’s nice not having my phone ringing all the time!1382093_10151989109353829_240030817_n

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