I don’t like what I see!

So I mentioned that I had to take a good look at myself. I truly believe that you need to have yourself together if you are going to lead others.That look I took………. the one in the mirror…….. scared me to death. I was always there but I never really looked at myself. Who was…

So what now Chief?

So, as I mentioned last time, we took a hit, square in the face and it hurt. We as a department are in the process of rebuilding our reputation. We have developed some solid plans for the future and are on our way to a brighter place. So what now Chief? What are you going…

Where were you?

Well, I thought I would give this “blog” thing a try. I figured if Willie Wines could do it, so could I! I send out all the respect to Willie Wines @ IronFiremen.com for being an inspiration for this blog! I took on the task of being a combination Fire Chief in October of 2013….

The combochief.com

The combochief.com is a blog about the trials, tribulations and excitement of being the Chief of a combination fire department. I hope it will be a tool for me and other Fire Chiefs to share ideas and stories about one of the most complicated jobs in the fire service.